Explaining Responsive Design Like A Pro

Well, in the recent past I have tried writing about what Responsive Design is but it becomes merely difficult to understand that just by reading it. Most of us have a vague knowledge about what responsive design might be even when we are using websites and application on our smartphones and desktops regularly. So just to make it easier, I found something that actually makes it easier to understand the principles, and these have been efficiently put together by the creatives at  Froont, San Francisco. These are a collection of GIF’s which easily lay down the principles of understanding responsive design.  Read the complete blog here to know about it in detail.

3038367-inline-i-1-9-gifs-that-explain-responsive-design-brilliantly-01responsive-vs-adaptive-copy 3038367-inline-i-2-9-gifs-that-explain-responsive-design-brilliantly-02relative-units-vs-static-units-1-copy 3038367-inline-i-3-9-gifs-that-explain-responsive-design-brilliantly-03with-breakpoints-vs-without-breakpoints-1-co 3038367-inline-i-4-9-gifs-that-explain-responsive-design-brilliantly-04flow-vs-static-2-copy 3038367-inline-i-5-9-gifs-that-explain-responsive-design-brilliantly-05nested-vs-not-nested-1-copy 3038367-inline-i-7-9-gifs-that-explain-responsive-design-brilliantly-07max-width-vx-no-max-width-1-copy 3038367-inline-i-8-9-gifs-that-explain-responsive-design-brilliantly-08desktop-first-vs-mobile-first-3-copy 3038367-inline-i-9-9-gifs-that-explain-responsive-design-brilliantly-09vectors-vs-images-1-copy


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