An Illustration A Day Keeps The Lazy Away

Just while browsing across some of the works created by artists there was this one colorful image that caught my eye. Marko Stupić, an illustrator from Zagreb, Croatia has the love and passion for art and creating something new every day as he grows. And what he creates is simple, minimalistic and adorable. In the following pictures you can see the different moods of a artist, his imaginations over a canvas of creativity. That simply says an illustration a day definitely keeps the lazy you away!

One-Icon-a-Day-Project-001 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-002 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-003 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-004 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-005 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-006 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-007 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-008 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-009 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-010 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-011 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-012 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-013 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-014 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-015 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-016 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-017 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-018 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-023 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-024 One-Icon-a-Day-Project-027


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